Short stories for children and adults on the wonders of nature.

Educational life stories of distinctly colourful characters told from their own perspective, written by Garry Conlin.

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About the Author

Garry's colourful life has led him to create colouful characters in his stories. You can read his fascinating full biography here

Garry Conlin Photograph
Garry Conlin in the countryside.

I have been asked why I decided to write my stories from nature, and the best way I can answer that question is to share with you some of my history showing how my respect for the living things around me developed through my life.

As a child I would play with my younger brother and other local kids in the local countryside and on the canal sides, and I became familiar with the creatures in the natural world around me without really knowing how they lived or survived.

I had a deep fascination for how the trees and wild plants and grasses would grow suddenly in spring after cold winters made them look dead, and I watched as insects appeared as if from nowhere, the bees, butterflies, wasps and other flying insects as the weather warmed.

I felt that their amazing stories could be told differently by showing their personalities in simple stories suitable for children and adults alike, that would let readers relate to the subject of the story, while also learning the facts about how they survive and grow.

So in 2014 I started to write my short stories from nature, I enjoy writing them and I hope to carry on adding to my stories each month, my aim is to build a collection of stories from nature that will entertain, as well as educate and inform readers for many years to come, showing how some of our amazing trees, plants and creatures manage to survive despite all the dangers they have to face.

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